March Madness Runs Rampant on Toledo’s Main Street

Friday the 13th is usually a night that calls to mind various superstitions and odd occurrences. However, this past Friday the 13th will be remembered for much more. The massive, 20-band March Madness concert that took place was a night full of fantastic music. Whether you were standing right up at the stage in Frankie’s, leaning against the bar in Frankie’s basement, or watching yourself in the large mirror wall of Iggy’s, you were almost always being blasted by a sonic tidal wave of music Continue reading

Altars of Athens

You probably know that Toledo has a vibrant music scene. But did you know that Toledo has been a hotbed for successful Christian rock bands? Bands like Sanctus Real and This Beautiful Republic began here and have achieved international success. They often outsell their mainstream rock brethren, and they do so without a lot of Toledoans knowing they were here. When I heard that there was a Christian rock band playing at the March Madness on Main Street event, I wanted to see for myself exactly how this style of rock would go over at the world famous rock venue: Frankies. Continue reading

Toledo’s Own Stretch

Have you ever heard something so fresh and different that it stopped you in your tracks? During Innovation Concerts’ March Madness on Main Street, I stopped in at Iggy’s to check out the venue. I really had no band in particular that I was planning on watching during that time slot… I was just there to check out what was going on. As I walked through the doors, I could feel a high energy vibe resonating from within. Once inside, I met Toledo’s own Stretch. Continue reading