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Hour 24

Hour 24

Female-fronted rock has gained popularity in recent years due to the successes of Evanescence, Paramore, and others. And it would be easy to dismiss Hour 24 as just another female-fronted band, but you would be mistaken. While not quite progressive in nature, the band ventures into territory most of the major label girl-led bands haven’t dared to touch. Some of Hour 24’s sound could be almost characterized as metal, with fast guitar solos and some pretty heavy breakdowns for a band with no screaming—all while still being easily digestible for someone only familiar with radio rock.

I spoke with Dan Quigley, of the Southeast Michigan-based band and filmed their show at Headliner’s on December 8th. The interview includes a brief video clip of their performance.

Give a brief history of your musical career(s), how you got started, why you picked your instrument of choice, and if you’re a band, how you met and came together as a musical act.

I’ve been playing guitar around 4 to 5 years now. What really started me on guitar was the movie School of Rock. Jack Black was just so funny and I remember thinking how fun it must be to play guitar and be in a band. Back when I started playing I was in a classic rock cover group with our other guitar player Cody. We played a few shows here and there and then went our own ways, still jamming together as friends. A few years later I really wanted to be in a band again so I texted Cody and was like “dude, we should make a band again.” He was all for it so we went through a several month auditioning process of singers, bass players, and drummers and finally came to be Hour 24.

How would you describe your style of music? What makes your music unique compared to others in your genre?

We call our music High-Energy Rock. I guess you could call it a mix of Metal, Rock, and Alternative Rock. I think having a female vocalist and incorporating guitar solos in to our music really sets us apart. Those are both things that you don’t see in a big chunk of music today and as a band, I’d like to help bring popularity back to those elements.

Who are your biggest musical influences and in what way have they influenced your own music?

We love a ton of different kinds of music. Some of our biggest influences are the bands Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge, and Anberlin. Both me and Cody are big fans of the guitar players Slash from Guns and Roses and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. Our drummer Robert is really in to August Burns Red. Our bass player Luke likes a lot of what we all do but is also in to some jazzy stuff. Rachel is really in to Alter Bridge and Anberlin too. I think all of our individual influences come together and make who we are as a band and if you listen closely, you can tell what each of us individually are in to.

What is your favorite song to perform (if applicable, otherwise what is your favorite song) and why?

We all really dig our new song called “Crash and Burn.” We actually debuted it at our show at Headliners last night. It’s really up beat and fun to move around to at shows.

What is your favorite Toledo-area venue to play and why?

Toledo is just an awesome city for music venues. There are so many great places to play and people to work with. Headliners, Mickey Finns, Frankies, and Omni all have awesome stuff going on all the time. We’re really thankful to be in a city where there are so many cool places to play and people to work with.

In what ways do you promote your music to your target audience? What unique tips do you have for new bands to get the word out about their music?

Facebook is our biggest online tool to get ourselves out there. Nearly everybody has one nowadays. They really make their pages in an easy to use format that lets you give your fans everything you want to give them whether it be new music, videos, tour dates, or fun pictures. All the social networking websites are useful though. Networking with other bands, writing out to newspapers and other media sources, and handing out flyers helps a ton as well.

What is your favorite Toledo-area band or musician (besides yourself, of course)?

There are tons of awesome Toledo bands that we’ve been so lucky to get to meet and befriend. Ryan Started the Fire, This Is Everything, Weep The Beldam, Goodbye Blue Skies, A Violent Perfection, and Jeff Bugert are just some of a bunch of Toledo artists we love.

Is there anywhere on the Internet where your fans can hear your music?

You can check out our music on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Hour24band). And follow us on Twitter at @OfficialHour24 and youtube at www.youtube.com/OfficialHour24 .

Where can your fans find more information about you and upcoming show dates?

You can see our full list of dates on our Facebook page on the tour dates tab. We’re also constantly posting about our upcoming shows.

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